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Seraph is now open!


Now for some information to the members;

-Please join ASAP
-Please (you don't absolutly HAVE to) make an icon with at least the name of your Malice Mizer member on it *points to her own icon*
-If you don't make an icon like this, then add a signature to the bottom of all of you post in this journal.
-Send reviews to
-the Seraph webpage is linked above ^^

To non-members;

-You may join in order to see the post on your friends list or to reply to post
-you MAY NOT post in this journal, if you do, you will be removed, if you post by mistake, and reply to that post clarifying that mistake, then I won't remove you.
-Don't harass members, and don't ask to be a member, we don't want a Shue, we have plenty of members that we are happy with. You'll be removed and blocked if this happens.

Enjoy ^^;

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