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Updated Seraph

Tetsu sent in a review for Bodukon, and I messed around with many little things and checked to see if everything works *wipes forehead*

I want everyone to review the Illuminati PV (does everyone have this?) by next weekend, this is a very easy task, so do it!
~Gaz, you only have to write at least one sentence for just about all of your reviews.

I also have a few ideas;
- Reviewing stuff like Moi Dix Mois, Eve of Destiny, Kozi's solo work, Klaha, etc. (this has already been said, but since Malice Mizer isn't together anymore, I thought reviewing these would be a good idea.)
- Including wallpapers, winamp skins, etc. with our fanart reviews
- That cosplay directory is still a nice idea, who wants to help me with that? ~.~

If I have any other ideas, I'll post them, just like how everyone else should t.t
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